About Us

Needles and Pins is a family run business, specialising in tailoring and  alterations to both mens’ and womenswear, and made to measure womenswear.

Our shop, in Holme Grange Craft Village, has three fitting rooms, including a large room to easily accommodate wedding dresses, and our workroom. We are happy for you to try on the garments and we will pin them to fit you.


We try to make our alterations service as painless as possible for you! We are happy to help with ideas and advice, and so when we fit a garment on you we are looking at the whole picture, to ensure you feel great in your garments, be it a pair of jeans, or a wedding dress. Our aim with all alterations is that you end up with a beautifully fitting garment, that nobody would know had been altered. Many customers comment at the end of a fitting that it was much quicker and easier than they expected. We work to appointments so there shouldn’t be a long wait, and our turnaround time for general alterations is usually one week.


Women’s special occasion alterations

We are very experienced in altering women’s special-occasion wear, be it wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, prom dresses or mother-of-the-bride outfits. Below is some ideal timings for types of garments, but we try our best to work around your timings and be flexible when needed.


We ask for brides to book their first fitting 8-10 weeks before the wedding, and expect to have a few fittings throughout the process. In these fittings we ask for you to bring the shoes and any petticoats or undergarments that you will wear on the day. We work on wedding dresses in stages, ensuring that the body fits before we look at the hem.


Bridesmaids, Prom girls, and those with evening dresses should ideally book their first appointment about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. We ask that you come in with the same shoes and bra for all fittings. If only the hem needs altering this usually is pinned in one fitting, if the body needs altering, or there is lots of beading or details it will probably need two fittings.


Young bridesmaids and pregnant bridesmaids need to be booked in, but won’t be fitted until quite close to the date, as they are changing shape.


Mother-of-the-bride (or groom!) and other similar special occasion daywear should be fitted around 6-8 weeks before the wedding. It is important the bring the shoes and undergarments, and stick with these throughout the process. These dresses and jackets often need 2 fittings.


Women’s alterations, be it a favourite coat that needs a new zip, a pair of trousers that needs a hem, or a dress or jacket that just doesn’t fit, we are happy for you to bring them in, try them on if needed (with the relevant shoes) and have them altered to fit. Most items need one fitting and we try to work to a one week turn-around.


Men’s tailoring can include formal suits or casual wear. If you need a suit jacket altered please bring the type of shirt you would wear with it for your fitting. For trousers please bring the type of shoes you would wear with them.


Made-to-Measure is a  bespoke service, and each garment is completely individual. The processs starts with a no-obligation consultation where we discuss you requirements, if there is a special occasion what this will involve, your style, ideas and preferences. From this we usually create a sketch and price estimate, and then either source the fabric, or recommend a shop for you to go to. Most made to measure garments need at least 4 fittings, and we aim to create a truly special garment, styled and fitted to you,  that doesn’t just mean that people notice how good your dress looks, but rather how fabulous you look.